VJing - Live Visuals

VJing – Live Visuals

VJing – Live Visuals

Creating the right atmosphere

VJing, also known as Live Visuals, is the art of mixing and manipulating visual content in realtime at a performance or music event.

The examples shown here were used at drum n’ bass music events where the visual content was used to create an atmosphere and also functioned as a light effect following the rhythm of the music. But the art of live visuals and VJing can be used in a variety of contexts, also where there is no music.

Here’s a list of venues where live visuals can be relevant:

  • music events & venues
  • promotion events
  • exhibitions
  • lectures
  • conferences
  • weddings

Presented below are some showreels of live visuals from various electronic music events in association with Jacob L. Andersen. The venues were Culture Box, Ungeren, Loppen, MS Stubnitz, Tramp Camp & Bodoni.

Thanks to Sofia T. Olesen & CRS for live assistance.

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