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Shee Visual Design

Specialized in branding & visual communication

Need Assistance Promoting Your Business?

The success of your business relies on your visual message, how clearly it expresses your business values and how well it reaches and involves your target audience. find more

I will help you define your target group, perfect your message and attract your desired customers

My goal is to help you maximize your uniqueness and presence within your specific market by improving your visual identity, brand content and advertising strategy. I aim to assist with content improvements of existing media channels, as well as advise on improved advertising contexts and ways to gain new customers/clients.

Are You Ready to Visually Upgrade Your Business?

Perhaps your ideas are still taking form, and you would like someone to play ball with? Are you looking for help with you concept development? Or perhaps you don’t know much about branding or adverting, and need someone to take care of that part of your business. Take a look in the sections below to see options of how I may help you promote your specific business/service/product.

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Graphic Design Services Overview

How Can I Help?

Let’s bring your vision & visual ideas to life

Define Your Target Group

Communicate with the relevant people, in the right context and in the appropriate tone of voice.

Here is how I can help:

• Target group analysis for your business and its products/services
• Online & offline advertising strategy for increased brand awareness in the defined target group(s)
• How to improve customer relationships
• How to increase brand loyalty

Express Your Message Clearly

Tell your brand story and maintain overall consistency in all your communication channels.

Here is how I can help:

• Finding your unique selling point/story
• Logo design – differentiate your business from your competitors
• Brand development – the visual DNA expressing your business values
• Brand production – of various design formats relevant to your specific line of business

Improve Your Brand Awareness

Regardless of your line of business, you need to get you message to your target audience.

Here is how I can help:

• Re-branding or brand updates
• WordPress website – development & maintenance
• Social media – strategy & maintenance
• Overall advertising strategy
• Content production – illustrations, info graphics, photography, animation, video, artwork, copy, etc.


I am Mai Karle – Visual Designer & Artist

MSc. of Information Technology – Design, Communication & Media – IT-University Copenhagen. Founder, Manager & Creator at: Shee Visual Design & SheeArt

I have 10+ years of experience within the areas of both online and offline digital design & advertising. I primarily work with independent business owners, small entrepreneurs and as 3rd part for advertising & media agencies.
I am flexible, problem solving, detail oriented and organized in my work.

I am inspired by mother nature, sacred geometry, symbolism, spirituality, yoga and the teachings of Alchemy. And I truly enjoy a visually creative challenge.

I work remotely as a digital nomad and communicate with clients via Skype: sheevisualdesign, WhatsApp: +45 24 26 29 70, Email: or other platform of your choice.

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Words from previous clients

“Mai is hard-working, consistent and carries a sense of pride and order in her work. Flexible and openly problem solving in her availability as she is in her design, her down-to-earth approach was a pleasure to work with”.

Kyrie Hale

Digital Communication @ Anthill
“I can recommend Mai’s strong artistic ethics, dedication to problem solving and multi-skills in 2D/3D graphics, branding, vfx and web related technologies. She(e) is pleasant to work with and has a strong focus on delivering in due time”.

Michael Hviid

Manager @ Fablab Copenhagen
“I have had the pleasure of working several times with Mai and her experience and knowledge allows her to work structured and dedicated from just a short brief on any project. I give her my best recommendations”.

William Engqvist

Senior Digital Designer @ Anthill
“I chose Mai to design my advertising material because of her experience in art and visual design. I am so grateful for her help! Her work is incredible! Mai is a talented artist, muralist, painter and marketing designer. Mai has my back and I highly recommend her!”.

Emily Schwarze

Massage Therapist @ Independent
“We contracted Mai to paint 2 walls in our boutique hostel. She made the place come alive with 2 underwater reef scenes. What she painted was much better than we expected. Every time I walk into the building I see it and it makes me very happy.”.

Monica Hartlief

Manager @ Croc Condos
“I had Mai complete some artwork for me from a photo I took whilst diving. She captured all of the beauty of the Cenote perfectly. Such a great memory for many years to come. I highly recommend Mai for her professional service and absolute stunning artwork!”.

Rory Treweek

Private Art Collector

See more testimonials: Shee Visual Design @ LinkedIn or Shee Visual Design @ Facebook.

Graphic Design Services Overview

Specialized in both online & offline production

Logo Design

A great logo design is the main ingredient in a successful brand DNA. It enables users to distinguish a business or product from its competitors.

Business Cards

The Business card is one of the major pillars of a good brand and effective promotion strategy. It is a basic part of networking with potential partners or customers.


The brand DNA is a visual expression of the unique selling point, and becomes increasingly important in a world where visual stimulation is on overload.

Web Design

Today’s web design has a focus on information architecture, usability and of course fully responsive design to meet the need for cross platform communication.

Press n’ Print

Although the advertising world today is highly focused on the online communication channels. The need for offline advertising is as relevant as ever.

Flyer Design

Flyer distribution can be an excellent addition to promoting a product, business, service, event, workshop, etc. But you need to distribute in the right context.

Online Advertising

Promote your product or business online with banners, adds or social media. This can be a powerful way to improve your brand awareness in the target audience.

Social Media Content

In today’s digital marketing world the ability to engage with you target audience in a valuable way through your content becomes increasingly necessary.


Sending the right message with the choice of images used in a brand solution matters a lot. So it’s important to have visual material that signal your brand values.

Post Production

Post production, also called compositing in After Effects. This includes creating various effects, keying, tracking, color correcting, clean up of frames, etc.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are animated objects which intend to convey an idea of concept in a simple way. It can also be used to visualize movements in statistic content.
search engine optimization

3d & Animation

3D models & animations are used in may different disciplines – from simple logo animation, across various educational content, to entire game worlds, etc.

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